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‘PETTIFOX’ is relaunched!

Welcome to the new blog form Yachts Markt. Here we will be writing about the boats, the people and the places that we are involved with, bringing stories of boats we have sold in the past, new boats coming on the market and tales of the people who sail them and who work with them. Yacht Market Yesterday I had an early start in the rain for a meeting in Plymouth with a couple on their 18T Hillyard, Maffick. Yacht for Sale They arrived in Plymouth after an uncomfortable crossing from Vigo across Biscay, which was the last voyage of a journey that has seen them sail over 30,000Nm from Russia to the Caribbean in the last 12 years. Having bought the boat on the East coast in a very sorry state, they took her to Hilyards in Littlehampton and had a new deck and coachroof. the keelbolts were replaced, new rigging, engine out and reconditioned in the living room at home, and the interior largely rebuilt. The boat has been their floating home now for 12 years while exploring right acro

Busy week on the River Dart

Last Thursday saw the relaunch of ‘Pettifox’ which is now owned by John and Flick Moody of John Moody Marine Timber. They have been working incredibly hard on her at Baltic Wharf boatyard since they purchased her and she really does look a million dollars, putting lots of other boats on the river to shame! Boat for Sale ‘Pettifox’ was built in 1992 by Peter Martin on the Isles of Scilly to a design by Frenchman Francoise Vivier. Vivier’s boats have become well known in Brittany with strong influences from the traditional working and fishing boats that have been built there for many years. Yacht for Sale She has that typical high bow, lovely sweeping sheer line going aft to the raked transom that falls to a very deep heel with a sharp rise on the keel going forward to a fairly shallow forefoot. These characterisitics made the French boats very seaworthy and dry but also very fast as they sailed on the beautiful planking run going aft and the deep heel. Although she has a gaff c